Andrea has been a self proclaimed “gym junkie” her entire adult life.  5 years ago, she was looking for something new, and came across Iron Bar Fitness.  Andrea had been lifting weights and running for years, but she became a true athlete when she found Iron Bar.


When Andrea started at Iron Bar, she tried out CrossFit classes.  She was a bit unsure of the whole “CrossFit” thing; she was worried she was going to walk into the gym and the only thing people would care about is vegetables and protein shakes!  However, she quickly learned that we were all regular people, training for health and wellness, but still allowing ourselves to LIVE!  She knew she had walked into the right gym immediately.


Andrea has made life-long friends because of Iron Bar Fitness and we truly couldn’t imagine our gym without her.  We are so happy Andrea decided to join our training team.  She has an incredible eye for detail, is constantly bettering herself through courses and research, is passionate about fitness, and most importantly loves helping people reach their goals and find enjoyment through fitness.


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