Brandon grew up in an entrepreneurial family where a strong work ethic was respected and valued; because of this, Brandon has been very successful as the owner and head coach at Iron Bar Fitness.  He has known since he was a kid that one day he would run his own business.


For Brandon, the best part of owning Iron Bar is going to work every single day and absolutely loving his job.  Brandon loves helping people achieve their goals within the gym – the best part of his day is watching a member achieve a goal they have been working towards


Brandon is a firm believer that physical fitness drastically improves the quality of your life, and that pairing it with proper nutrition is the key aspect in achieving wellness.


Brandon has an incredible eye for detail.  He is definitely the personal trainer you want when it comes to Olympic Weightlifting and gymnastic skills.


When asked what Brandon is passionate about: “I am passionate about so much!  I love the gym environment, but CrossFit is my true passion alongside nutrition, my family and friends, and playing poker.  Getting my family active and healthy is so important to me; one of the best parts of my career was when my Dad started personal training with me.   He was always skeptical to try out functional group fitness classes, so it was a great day when I got him into the gym for his first training session and he fell in love with being active.”


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